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The intention of our reading list was to obtain a list of “foundation-knowledge” references that supervisors in different areas would require new starters in their field to read. We would therefore be delighted to add any such references to this list, if you email them to us.


The list of scientific papers currently included, are presented in reverse order showing the newest first. The sections have been split into decades in an attempt to enhance your search. We hope that this section proves useful to your future research. More papers will be posted on to the list when they are submitted.

Literature List:

2010 - Present  |  2000 - 2009  |  1990 - 1999  |  1980 - 1989  |  1970 - 1979  |  1960 - 1969  |  Reviews  |  Anecdotal

Reading: 1990 - 1999

Role of Ceramide 1 in the Molecular Organization of the Stratum Corneum Lipids. Journal of Lipid Research 39: 186-196

Bouwstra, J. A., Gooris, G. S., Dubbelaar, F. E. R., Weerheim, A. M., Ijzerman, A. P., Ponec, M. (1998)

The Formation of Competent Barrier Lipids in Reconstructed Human Epidermis Requires the Presence of Vitamin C. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 109: 348-355

Ponec, M., Weerheim, A., Kempenaar, J., Mulder, A., Gooris, G. S., Bouwstra, J., Mommaas, A. M. (1997)

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Bouwstra, J. A., Gooris, G. S., Bras, W., Downing, D. T. (1995) 

Oestradiol Permeation Through Human Skin and Silastic Membrane: Effects of Propylene Glycol and Supersaturation., 36 ed. p 277-294

Megrab N.A, Williams A.C, Barry B.W 1995

Estimation of Skin Target Site Acyclovir Concentrations Following Controlled (Trans)Dermal Drug Delivery in Topical and Systemic Treatment of Cutaneous HSV-1 Infections in Hairless Mice. Pharm Res 11:1035-1041

Imanidis G, Song WQ, Lee PH, Su MH, Kern ER, Higuchi WI 1994

Structure-Permeability Relationships in Percutaneous Penetration.

Guy RH, Potts RO 1992

Skin Penetration of Topical Formulations of Ibuprofen 5%: an In Vitro Comparative Study. Skin Pharmacol Appl Skin Physiol 16:137-142

Hadgraft J, Whitefield M, Rosher PH 2003

Predicting Skin Permeability. Pharmaceutical Research 9: 663-669

Potts, R. O., Guy, R. H. (1992)

Structure of Human Stratum-Corneum as a Function of Temperature and Hydration - A Wide-Angle X-Ray-Diffraction Study. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 84: 205-216

Bouwstra, J. A., Gooris, G. S., Salommons Se Vries, M. A., Vanderspek, J. A., Bras, W. (1992) 

Effect of Supersaturation on Membrane Transport. I, Hydrocortisone Acetate., 76 (1-2) ed. p 1-8

Davis AF, Hadgraft J 1991

Regional Variation in Percutaneous Penetration of 14C Cortisol in Man. J Invest Dermatol 48:181-183

Feldmann RJ, Maibach HI 1967

Structural Investigations of Human Stratum-Corneum by Small-Angle X-Ray-Scattering. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 97: 1005-101

Bouwstra, J. A., Gooris, G. S., Vanderspek, J. A., Bras, W. (1991)

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