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Who We Are

Welcome to the Skin Forum, the international network for skin science. Our organisation was established by an EPSRC network grant, and is committed to communicating skin research among clinicians and scientists from industry, academia and medicine across a range of disciplines. These include dermatology and skin disease research, topical and transdermal drug delivery, pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations, as well as biophysical methods to investigate the molecular composition of the skin and its interactions with xenobiotics. The Skin Forum seeks to progress the best interests of patients and consumers, while working harmoniously with relevant regulatory and commercial sectors.

The Skin Forum brings together internationally recognised experts from all over the world to advance skin research through knowledge and information exchange. To find out about skin research in UK and Ireland, please follow this link. To find out about skin research worldwide, click here. Each year, the Skin Forum organises an annual meeting with distinguished keynote speakers as well as students, clinicians, scientists and industrial stakeholders to present and discuss the latest research outcomes and regulatory developments relevant to our mission.

We are particularly interested in supporting early career researchers (ECRs) in their professional development and career progression. ECR research funding opportunities are shown under our ECR heading. Relevant conferences, meetings and workshops are listed under our Events heading. Our LinkedIn presence is another platform set up to enable interactions between members. Here you can ask questions, communicate new developments or share interesting publications. Feel free to post information relating to vacancies or recommendations for courses you may have attended. We also hope to hear suggestions from members regarding potential lecture topics that they would find beneficial.

We invite you to join the Skin Forum, membership is free! Just log in to your LinkedIn account, search for Skin Forum and ask to join the group.

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