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The intention of our reading list was to obtain a list of “foundation-knowledge” references that supervisors in different areas would require new starters in their field to read. We would therefore be delighted to add any such references to this list, if you email them to us.


The list of scientific papers currently included, are presented in reverse order showing the newest first. The sections have been split into decades in an attempt to enhance your search. We hope that this section proves useful to your future research. More papers will be posted on to the list when they are submitted.

Literature List:

2010 - Present  |  2000 - 2009  |  1990 - 1999  |  1980 - 1989  |  1970 - 1979  |  1960 - 1969  |  Reviews  |  Anecdotal

Reading: 1970 - 1979

The Finite Dose Technique as a Valid In Vitro Model for the Study of Percutaneous Absorption in Man. Current Problems in Dermatology 7: 58-68

Franz, T. J. (1978) 

The Percutaneous Absorption of Phenolic Compounds the Mechanism of Diffusion Across the Stratum Corneum. J. Pharm. Pharmac. 30: 486 - 490

Roberts, M. S., Aanderson, R. A., Swarbrick, J. AND Moore, D. E. (1978)

Permeability of Human Epidermis to Phenolic Compounds. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 29: 677-683

Roberts, M. S., Anderson, R. A., Swarbrick, J. (1977)

Drug Permeation Through Human Skin: Theory and In Vitro Experimental Measurement. American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Journal 21: 985-996

Michaels, A. S., Chandrasekaran, S. K., Shaw, J. E. (1975)

Comparative Bio-availability of Proprietary Topical Corticosteroid Preparations; Vasoconstrictor Assays on Thirty Creams and Gels. Br J Dermatol 91:323-338

Barry BW, Woodford R 1974

Mechanism of Percutaneous Absorption V. Percutaneous Absorption of Solvent Deposited Solids. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 62: 353-360

Scheuplein, R. J., Ross, L. W. (1974) 

Mechanism of Percutaneous Absorption. IV. Penetration of Nonelectrolytes (Alcohols) from Aqueous Solutions and from Pure Liquids. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 60: 286-296

Scheuplein, R. J., Blank, I. H. (1973)

Permeability of the Skin. Physiological Reviews 51 : 4: 702 - 747

Scheuplein, R. J., Blank, I. H. (1971)

Absorption of Some Organic Compounds Through the Skin in Man. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 54: 399-404

Feldmann, R. J., Maibach, H. I. (1970)

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