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The intention of our reading list was to obtain a list of “foundation-knowledge” references that supervisors in different areas would require new starters in their field to read. We would therefore be delighted to add any such references to this list, if you email them to us.


The list of scientific papers currently included, are presented in reverse order showing the newest first. The sections have been split into decades in an attempt to enhance your search. We hope that this section proves useful to your future research. More papers will be posted on to the list when they are submitted.

Literature List:

2010 - Present  |  2000 - 2009  |  1990 - 1999  |  1980 - 1989  |  1970 - 1979  |  1960 - 1969  |  Reviews  |  Anecdotal

Reading: 1960 - 1969

Effect of Topical Vehicle Composition on the In Vitro Release of Fluocinolone Acetonide and its Acetate este.r J Pharm Sci 57:928-933

Poulsen BJ, Young E, Coquilla V, Katz M 1968

Mechanism of Percutaneous Absorption III. The Effect of Temperature on the Transport of Non-Electrolytes Across the Skin. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 49: 582-589

Blank, I. H., Scheuplein, R. J., MacFarlane, D. J. (1967)

Mechanism of Percutaneous Absorption II. Transient Diffusion and the Relative Importance of Various Routes of Skin Penetration. Journal of Investigative Dermatology 48: 79-88

Scheuplein, R. J. (1967)

Intercellular Space in Normal Human Stratum Corneum. Nature 209: 472-476

Brody, I. (1966)

Mechanism of Percutaneous Absorption I. Routes of Penetration and the Influence of Solubility. Journal Of Investigative Dermatology 45: 334-346

Scheuplein, R. J. (1965)

Penetration of 14C Hydrocortisone Through Normal Skin: Th Effect of Stripping and Occlusion. Arch Dermatol 91:661-666

Feldmann RJ, Maibach HI 1965

Existence of Reservoir in the Stratum Corneum. Archives of Dermatology 88: 72-75

Vickers, C. F. H. (1963)

Method for Comparing Percutaneous Absorption of Steroids. Archives of Dermatology 86: 608-610

Mckenzie, A. W., Stoughton, R. B. (1962) 

Investigation of Some Factors Influencing Percutaneous Absorption. Journal of Pharmaceutical Science 50: 288-293

Wurster, D. E., Kramer, S. F. (1961)

Physical Chemical Analysis of Percutaneous Absorption Process from Creams and Ointments. Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists 11: 85-97

Higuchi, T. (1960) 

Physical Chemical Analysis of Percutaneous Absorption Process from Creams and Ointments., 11 ed. p 85-97

Higuchi T 1960

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